get to know me

hi!! my name is kate slappey and im opening a small online jewelry business! everything is made by hand! i wanted to make a post first off to explain the name and the mission behind this idea!!

i started making jewelry this summer as a fun hobby and LOVED it. I’ve been able to pour all my creative energy into this and to be completely honest it’s helped with my mental health and well being in general! I’ve learned so much about work, persistence and patience; I’ve grown to love it and have been pursuing the path of turning it into a business. 

this first drop will consist of a collection of jewelry I’ve been working on for awhile. it will include handmade necklaces , watches, bracelets and rings; along with some vintage watches I’ve collected over time!! I’m still updating the website but it will be live 1/6 at 12pm est :)) 

the name “twelve nine” comes from Romans 12:9 and says, “”Don’t just pretend to love others. Really love them. Hate what is wrong. Hold tightly to what is good.“ 

I came back to this verse a lot this past year. It’s  taught me to genuinely care about others. It’s taught me to love fully and try to make an impact on everyone around me. Life is about something more than yourself! We’re here to love the Lord and love the people around us. It’s just seemed right that this was the message behind the name to spread a message of something good. To make people happy and to create something that people can enjoy. 

I would love to eventually make a profit that allows me to donate 10% of earnings to a non-profit organization called “To Write Love on Her Arms”, dedicated to presenting hope and finding help for people struggling with depression, addiction, self- harm, and suicide. As someone who has struggled with mental health as so many young people today, it’s important to me to talk about and bring awareness to.